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In classical style, with piano, orchestra, and a young woman with an umbrella




“I am probably a lucky man because my hobbies were most often close to my profession. I published a book of music for the piano, which is still performed in music schools. I also wrote music for the orchestra and several reputable radio stations still broadcast it.
It was lovely to share my passion through teaching. It is a challenge to find the optimal solutions by experimenting with different approaches whether I teach composition, music technology, piano, or guitar.
I adapted an exotic instrument Esraj to the technical requirements of modern music in one of my chamber music projects, “Aud Band”. It was a new approach for this lesser-known instrument. I later used it in theater and film music.
Similar to everyone, I had my own challenging periods in life. The toughest was probably the army because I was born in a country where the army was mandatory and locking an artist in the barracks is one of the most unnatural things that can happen to him.
My passion for nature and mountains has materialized in many hard journeys. Since I explored different difficult routes, I know what it’s like to carry a wounded friend feeling the pain as if I were carrying myself behind. I know what it’s like not to be able to fit in time, to be caught at night in the mountain, to be cold and thirsty, and to walk all night to survive. Those nights stayed in my mind, and I wouldn’t change these for other nights that possibly were lost senselessly. And I believe that without shadow you will hardly find the light within yourself. All of this is what my music is about.”