Samples and Styles





In a classical style, featuring a piano, an orchestra, and a young woman holding an umbrella



I consider myself a fortunate man, as my interests have often closely aligned with my profession. I published a book of Piano Music, which is still performed in Music Schools. I also composed pieces for Orchestras that reputable Radio Stations continue to broadcast.


It has been a joy to share my passion for Music through Teaching. Whether instructing in Composition, Music Technology, Piano, or Guitar, I find it both challenging and rewarding to explore diverse approaches, fostering innovative and exciting new ideas – and results.


I adapted an exotic instrument, the Esraj, to the technical requirements of Contemporary Modern Music, in one of my Chamber Music Projects ‘Aud Band’. This work marked a new approach and a fresh perspective for this lesser-known instrument. I subsequently incorporated it into Theatre and Film Compositions.


Like everyone, I have had challenging periods in my life. The most challenging was undoubtedly compulsory military service. Locking an artist in the barracks is one of the most unnatural things that can happen; a sharp departure from the natural environment where an artist can truly thrive and flourish.


My passion for nature and mountains has materialised in many hard journeys. Having explored difficult and different routes, I understand the profound connection of bearing a wounded friend’s pain as though it were my own – as if I were carrying myself behind…


I know what it is like to not be able to fit in time. I’ve experienced the disorientation of being caught in the mountains at night, enduring cold and thirst and to walk night-long to survive. Those nights have stayed in my mind, and I would not change those nights for other less meaningful nights lost senselessly.


For I believe that without the shadow cast by darkness, you cannot find and unearth the inner light that shines within yourself.


This, in essence, is what my music is about.